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Reasons To Support Chevy

Who is Ken Cheveldayoff (Chevy) and why will he be able to lead our unique province?

Ken has always been a voice of reason and cooperation. He has relentlessly sought to serve Saskatchewan people through a positive vision for the future of this great province.

About Ken Cheveldayoff

"I want to build a powerful, innovative and compassionate Saskatchewan"

Ken believes effective representation is about listening to the people you serve, acting on their behalf, knowing your community and working hard to ensure their voices are heard. These beliefs are displayed throughout each and every day as Ken attends and supports numerous functions in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan.

Ken’s rural roots and urban strong slogan is reflective of what Ken stands for; merging the roots and resilience of rural living with the innovation and enterprise of larger urban centre. He believes that being prepared to lead is not just a slogan, not just a mindset; it is being ready to put practical applications in place for another decade of growth, renewal and service.

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Why Chevy

Rural roots.

Saskatchewan's rural communities are the backbone of what makes our province unique. Ken was raised in Blaine Lake and is grateful for his rural roots. Thanks to agriculture, manufacturing, mining, energy, and more, Saskatchewan's diverse economy relies on rural communities. Just as important as economic strength, are the values the rural values of hard work, honesty, integrety and thrift that have shaped our province and it's people. Ken shares and lives by these values. Winning rural communities will take a candidate with Vision and Values. Ken is the only candidate that has lived in both Urban and Rural communities. Ken is that candidate!

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Why Chevy

Urban strong.

Ken was among the first Saskatchewan Party MLAs ever elected in the province's cities. First elected in 2003 by just over 600 votes, he has grown his support in each subsequent election to margins of 5000. He knows what it takes to win in the province's growing urban centres. He was there when the Saskatchewan Party won all but one rural seat in 2003, but still lost to the NDP. Keeping Saskatchewan strong will mean winning in the cities through Experience and Leadership. Ken is that candidate!

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