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Ken Cheveldayoff, MLA of Saskatoon Willowgrove

Who is Ken Cheveldayoff (Chevy) and why will he be able to lead our unique province?



Ken is a passionate advocate for Saskatchewan. He believes representation is about listening to the people you serve, acting on their behalf, knowing your community and province and working hard to ensure individual voices are heard. These beliefs are displayed consistently every day as Ken attends and supports numerous functions across the province. Ken has always been a voice of reason and cooperation. He has relentlessly sought to serve Saskatchewan people through a positive vision for the future of this great province.



From the time Ken put himself through university by operating a small business, to working in government with leaders of large organizations, he has gained an understanding that business is not just a means to an end, but part of the landscape of growing a better Saskatchewan.



Chevy has always been a leader. He has earned the respect of those around him through his passion for listening and responding. His caring nature makes him a friend to all. Ken is known to always encourage those around him to "be your best", whatever their field of endeavor and starting with his family. As every parent does, Ken and Trish recognize the importance of motivating their son, Carter, and daughter, Paige, in their academic and athletic pursuits. They also recognize the value of their children’s educators and coaches. Volunteerism is a big part of their family’s life and they are involved in numerous community activities. Ken always encourages and supports his constituents to share their thoughts and ideas with him.



Chevy is an avid sportsman. From being instrumental in encouraging promoters to bring NHL Hockey Games to Saskatoon to chairing the Stadium Build Committee, he has always believed that sporting events play a significant role in the culture of our province. Growing up Ken played both football and hockey. Ken’s admiration of his brother’s accomplishments is evident in his love for the Winnipeg Jets. Obviously, like most of our province, Ken bleeds Roughrider green!



Chevy has always had a passion for politics and respect for its institutions. From the day that John Diefenbaker stopped at Blaine Lake when Ken ran to get in line for a second time so he could shake his hand again, the writing was on the wall. His political experience as a page in the House of Commons, to an MLA and multi-time Cabinet Minister in the Saskatchewan Party government, he has exuded enthusiasm and has always been a team player. Through his many experiences, he has gained knowledge and an understanding of world affairs which directly impact Saskatchewan.



One of Ken’s inspiring quotes:

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams


Chevy for Leader