Cheveldayoff supports families dealing with addictions

Saskatchewan Party Leadership Candidate Ken Cheveldayoff

Endorses Partnership with Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre (AARC)

Ken Cheveldayoff’s goal is prosperity and promise for the entire province.


Mental health and addiction require focused and immediate solutions. Saskatchewan is feeling the devastating impact of a fentanyl crisis as it prepares for the legalization of marijuana. The impact of addiction on Saskatchewan young people and their families is especially tragic. Based in Calgary, Alberta, AARC offers a proven and cost-effective long-term family treatment program, specifically designed for adolescents from 12 to 21 years of age, who are diagnosed with substance use disorder (DSM-5).

“The exceptional circumstances of adolescent addictions demand an exceptional treatment program,” said Cheveldayoff. “AARC is helping Saskatchewan families now. Since 2009, approximately five Saskatchewan families have received treatment at AARC each year, but many more need help and AARC has the capacity to help more. Saskatchewan families are familiar with this exceptional program; we should be supporting Saskatchewan families that have exhausted treatment options in Saskatchewan and are willing to make the commitment to seek treatment at AARC. Our young people’s lives are at stake.” 

Approximately 40 of the 600 graduates of the AARC program are from Saskatchewan. 

“Based on discussions I have had with families whose loved ones have received help from the program, I see immediate benefits to formalizing Saskatchewan’s relationship with AARC,” stated Ken.   

Costs would be modest:

- AARC has the capacity for up to 10 Saskatchewan families per year = $750,000

When asked why this is so important, Ken stated, “Addiction is often accompanied by concurrent mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. Access to a program that recognizes and addresses the interrelationship between mental health and addictions, is extremely valuable.

For added information, please contact:
Ken Cheveldayoff, 306.227.4200
Committee to Elect Ken Cheveldayoff

“Authorized by Brad Sylvester, Official Representative for the Ken Cheveldayoff leadership campaign.”

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