Ken has strong ties to rural Saskatchewan, he was raised on a farm near Blaine Lake. He also has strong urban ties as a Saskatoon MLA since 2003. Ken and his wife Trish will be a very effective couple working for the benefit of Saskatchewan. I know Ken to be a hard working individual who has served with distinction in Cabinet.I believe he is the right person to lead Saskatchewan forward

Randy Weekes, MLA Biggar/Sask - Valley, Saskatchewan Party Government Caucus Chair

Is Ken tough enough to take on the role of a premier, of a leader of a fractious party? Of course he is...What toughness comes from, is integrity - and this man is as decent as the day is long. Ken deserves the right to show you that he has the toughness, he has the integrity, he has the decency and he has the drive to take on the highest office in the Province.

Norm Rebin

Ken is very sincere hard working individual who listens, really listens and pays attention, then he goes to the wall to ensure your issues and your concerns are brought forward

Laura Ross, MLA Regina Rochdale

David is pleased to support Ken in his leadership bid because he respects Ken and knows that he has a long history with the province and a valuable depth of knowledge.

David Buckingham, MLA Saskatoon Westview

Greg describes Ken as a sincere, honest and caring person who understands urban and rural issues, listens to MLA’s and works hard.

Greg Brkich, MLA Arm River Constituency 

Delbert has a strong respect for his good friend, first and foremost because Ken can hold a position in Cabinet but will maintain friendships with others in Caucus.

Delbert Kirsch, MLA Batoche Constituency 

Warren’s experience in politics has provided him with a valuable perspective on leadership. Ken has what it takes to lead the Sask Party.

Warren Michelson, MLA Moose Jaw North

Ken’s ability to listen and understand is obvious and as Eric stated, “I can think of nobody better to lead this province.”

Eric Olauson, MLA Saskatoon University 

Colleen believes that Ken has the right mix of experience and qualifications; he listens well, understands the issues and has a passion for serving people.

Colleen Young, MLA Lloydminster

Ken’s effective communication skills, vision for the future and strong work ethic will serve him well in a leadership role.

Warren Steinley, MLA Regina Walsh Acres

Ken is very passionate about politics…we all know that, he has been around politics most of his life. Ken is a great family man, loves his wife and kids, but he also loves this Province that’s why I am putting my support behind him.

Darryl Hickie, Ex MLA Electoral District of Prince Albert Carlton

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Darryl Hickie Endorses Ken Cheveldayoff For Leader

Colleen Young, MLA Lloydminster Endorses Ken Cheveldayoff

Delbert Kirsch, MLA Batch Endorses Ken Cheveldayoff

David Buckingham, MLA Saskatoon Westview Endorses Ken Cheveldayoff

Eric Olauson, MLA Saskatoon University Endorses Ken Cheveldayoff

Greg Brkich, MLA Arm River Endorses Ken Cheveldayoff

Warren Steinley, MLA Regina Walsh Acres Endorses Ken Cheveldayoff

Laura Ross MLA Regina Rochdale Endorses Ken Cheveldayoff

Norman Rebin Endorses Ken Cheveldayoff for Leader of the Sask Party

Randy Weekes MLA Endorses Ken Cheveldayoff for Leader of the Sask Party

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