Global Transportation Hub

I believe that we owe the people of Saskatchewan answers to questions around the Global Transportation Hub (GTH). Therefore, I would not rule out an inquiry after the police investigation; this decision lies with the new Premier, Cabinet and Caucus.

More importantly is to answer the question - where do we go from here? I have done some research as this topic is important to the people of Saskatchewan. For information, I’ve reached out and consulted with Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) in Ontario and corporate bankers who specialize in this area. Some of these bankers have, in the past, acted on behalf of our government. They agree the GTH is a significant asset of the government and will provide a long-term and steady income stream. This is exactly what REITs and pension funds are looking for. Despite the debate as to how much the government paid for the land, there is consensus that the land and resulting value of the GTH exceeds what the government paid.

Mistakes the government made should be acknowledged along with admittance that government should not have been involved in this business venture from the onset.

Land speculation occurs very quickly when a major development is in play; conversely government moves at a slower pace. We see this in highway development. The minute highway construction is announced, some appraisers and land owners feel their property is worth far more than previously assessed. Therefore, if I become Leader of the Saskatchewan Party and Premier, I would immediately begin action to sell the GTH to the private sector. I believe we would be able to demonstrate to Saskatchewan residents that their tax dollars would be recovered.

Again, this facility is a significant economic asset and would be taxed as such in the private sector. The revenue to the government can be used for more critical areas such as health care, education and social services.

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