Ottawa's Marijuana Legalization Plans "Doesn't do enough to protect kids"

Friends, from the very beginning I have shared the concerns thousands of people across the province have about Ottawa's rush to legalize marijuana and the effects it will have on schools and students. 

Today, Saskatchewan's Child Advocate echoed those concerns, saying in an interview with media that Ottawa's plan to legalize drugs doesn't do enough to protect kids.  

recent study revealed that marijuana has a bigger impact on young people's development with long lasting effects.  

Provinces, police, doctors and parents are urging Ottawa to slow down its plan to legalize marijuana to give everyone more time to figure out what the impact will be. 

I have taken a clear stand that any new laws from Ottawa must listen to and address the concerns of parents and protect young people by standing firm in stating: 

  • the age to purchase marijuana should be 25;
  • sales should be done through private retailers as taxpayer’s dollars should not go towards paying wages for people to sell marijuana 

If you agree that we need to ensure that marijuana legislation needs to protect our schools, workplaces and roadways, click here to support Chevy.


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