Rob Clarke Backs Ken Cheveldayoff for Leader

Says Chevy is the leadership candidate best able to win in rural and urban seats to win in 2020


Today, Rob Clarke announced that he is withdrawing from the Saskatchewan Party leadership race and is formally endorsing Ken Cheveldayoff.

“I entered this race to re-engage the grassroots and help be a bridge to new members to make the Saskatchewan Party even stronger than it is today” Clarke said to his supporters.

“I see that as vital to winning the next election, and it is clear to me and thousands of members that Ken has been working the hardest to be the voice of the grassroots membership against establishment interests,” he added. 

“I'm proud to tell everyone who supported me that Ken Cheveldayoff should be their top choice” said Clarke.

Ken Cheveldayoff was encouraged by the vote of confidence from Rob Clarke.

“From the outset, our campaign has been focused on the true grassroots, working to reconnect our party with our rural roots and keep us urban strong so that we can win the next election in 2020, and build the next decade of growth for Saskatchewan” Cheveldayoff said.

Rob Clarke has made increasing membership among northern and First Nations communities a priority to strengthen both the province and the Saskatchewan Party. As a former RCMP officer he is also committed to tackling crime and making cities and rural communities safer.

“We need a forward-looking leader who is getting Saskatchewan ready for the next ten years; who is a fiscal conservative; who will fight to protect our communities and schools; and is committed to growing the Saskatchewan Party - Chevy is that leader,” said Clarke.

“The race to become the next leader of the Saskatchewan Party and the next Premier is far from over. We need to keep working hard to connect with as many of the true grassroots voters as we can, to share our vision and build the next decade of growth for Saskatchewan,” Cheveldayoff added.

The vote for leader of the Saskatchewan Party will take place on January 27th, 2018 with advance and mail-in voting occurring before then.

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