Saskatchewan Party Leadership Candidate Ken Cheveldayoff Announces His Plan to Improve Rural Internet Services in Saskatchewan

Ken Cheveldayoff’s goal is prosperity for the entire province.

Rural Saskatchewan's strong, diversified economy is the backbone of our province's growth and strength.  From agriculture and agri-foods, to mining and energy and businesses of all kinds, it is important to Ken that our government is committed to ensuring people in rural Saskatchewan are equipped to continue to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


“In Saskatchewan, we enjoy exceptional access to internet in urban areas. However, in rural areas, the access has limitations that create barriers for our farmers and rural residents,” said Cheveldayoff. “We must support the rural communities in our province by providing well-deserved and necessary infrastructure that reinforces economic success and quality of life.”

Today, Ken announces a solution to this challenge. As the former Minister of Crown Corporations, Ken understands the process involved to implementing change. He is putting forth Policy which will mandate Sasktel to significantly improve Rural Internet Services. Both speed and data cap issues will be addressed.

Specifically, Sasktel will be required to:

  • 1) provide a minimum high-speed Internet service to farms and rural areas of 10 MBPS within two years and of 25 MBPS within five years, and
  • 2) provide fibre-based Internet services with speeds up to 100 MBPS, without data caps, to all rural communities within five years.

When asked why this is so important, Ken stated, “when our farmers and rural small business owners succeed, we all succeed.”

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For added information, please contact:
Ken Cheveldayoff, 306.227.4200
Committee to Elect Ken Cheveldayoff

“Authorized by Brad Sylvester, Official Representative for the Ken Cheveldayoff leadership campaign.”

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